2A-Division II Clarksville

Coaching Staff Information

Updated for 2022
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Basic Info
School Name    : Clarksville
Head Football Coach    : chris davis
Office phone number    : 903-427-3891
Cell phone number    : 903-574-9295
Work e-mail address    : [email protected]
Head Coach Twitter Name    : @CoachDavis_CD
Stadium Changes    :
Previous Season Summary
Wins    : 4
Losses    : 7
Returning Lettermen    : 12
Returning Off. Starters    : 9
Returning Def. Starters    : 8
Team Info
Team twitter    : @FbClarksville
Offensive Coordinator    : N/A
Offensive Coordinator e-mail address    :
Defensive Coordinator    : HB Rosser
Defensive Coordinator e-mail address    : [email protected]
Offensive Formation    : spread multiple
Defensive Formation    : 3-4
Background Information
2022 College Prospects

Include position, height,
weight, & 40 time.

John Doe RB 5-10, 205, 4.3
What do you expect to be your team's biggest strength this season?    : The depth and knowledge of our younger kids in our system.
What do you see as your team's biggest concern this season?    : I think the concern of all small schools which is staying healthy
List all previous head coaching & assistant coaching experience.    : West Rusk Asst Coach 2013-2017
Gilmer Asst Coach2017-2020
Paul Pweitt Special Teams Coordinator 2020-2021
Clarksville OC 2021-2022
Clarksville AD/Head Coach current

List any state titles you've been a part of as a head coach, assistant coach, or player in any sport.    : none
High School    : Troup High School
College/University    : Northeastern State University
What has been your most exciting moment or game in your coaching career?    : One of the things that excites me the most as a coach is seeing players take the things learned in practice and apply them in the game. Also seeing former players come back and et into the profession and say that they did it because you inspired them to be a coach.
Are your football games broadcast on the radio?    : no
I am always looking for a great human interest or unique story, please share that information with me.    : As a player I was a 3 time all state running back. My entire family is in the education business. Dad just retired from coaching after 27 years. Mother is a teacher, older brother is a OC, younger brother is a DC
What is the biggest challenge facing Texas High School Football right now?    : the lack of prior knowledge that our kids have when it comes to sports. They do not watch sports anymore.

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