What is RSS?
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Our RSS Feed buttons look like this: rssfeed

RSS stands for both Rich Site Summary and Really Simple Syndication but it always refers to the same technology. It is a mean of transmitting and updating news in an automated way.

Most news sites (including virtually all blogs) will publish what is called an RSS feed which is regularly updated with the latest available headlines and/or articles.

Reading RSS

To take advantage of an RSS feed you would use a piece of software called an RSS aggregator. Most of them are very similar to email client programs, but instead of incoming emails, they display news from various sources (from all the feeds you have registered with, or "subscribed to" as is commonly said but it has nothing to do with money). Unread news typically appear in bold, just as unread emails do.

How do I get a news reader?

Smoaky.com offers RSS feeds for most of our features to allow you to use a newsreader to keep up with all the news. To subscribe simply click on the orange RSS button or, in some cases with some newsreaders, copy the link address and paste into the newsreader's subscription section.

More information on RSS technology than we offer here is available on the internet. We suggest a google search to find additional information if needed. Smoaky.com can not offer tech support for newsreaders. If you have questions or require technical assistance for your chosen newsreader please consult that software's support department.

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