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  1. 10:56 left in game, WO BALL on NB 18 28-20 NB
  2. WO went into Half with momentum. NB needs to open up with a forced punt
  3. HALFTIME WO to receive the 2nd half kickoff
  4. 20-0 NB 2:21 till half WO Ball, threatening from NB 4
  5. TD NB on a ricochet pass! 20-0 4:58 left in 1st half
  6. Yep, Jeff needs to win by 17+ to force a 3 way tie
  7. It was a NB sweep for middle school and JV tonight. Now time for the Varsity to seal the deal tomorrow
  8. NB Win and ATL loss by 17+, than a coin flip with odd man being in!
  9. Depends on what D front they run against us. We dont need to hit homeruns, 3-4-5 per carry keep the clock running and their O off the field
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