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  1. Congratulations 07!!!! Best of luck to you and your new family!!
  2. Wow great read!!! And from a Dallas area writer!
  3. Turnovers will be a key as always, but especially in this game. I hope we can produce with our passing game. Lake Travis got donky stomped by AM and Rockwall beats them. LT top QB must have been a no factor and I hope Haynes is not Friday
  4. Y’all are going to say I’m crazy. Longview 42 RW 21
  5. Look at the radar. Lots of thunderstorms moving up from the southeast headed straight for Shreveport
  6. It looks like the storm will be sitting right on top of Shreveport tomorrow night
  7. Looks like it’s going to be very wet and rainy tomorrow night
  8. He played left tackle against JT if it’s the same 67
  9. I expect a good game from Longview as well. GO LOBOS Beat the Rebels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. We hear the same things every year. We don't play like a veteran seasoned team or make several mistakes and a lot of people start having a fit . Calm down Lobo faithful. Bottom line is this team has to grow and learn. Last year we entered the season with 5 returning players in the OL that started at one point the year before, and went to the semis. They played against some of the best players in the country, so that was one reason we played so good there. Even with that, we struggled at times. The OL will be fine come playoff time. QB play is off, Haynes was the reason ESPN broadcast
  11. How many of that talented class of freshman from last years Lee team are on varsity?
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