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Our Bookmark buttons look like this:

Hovering your mouse cursor over the button will trigger a dropdown menu with several of the most popular Social Bookmarking services.

First a definition - from Wikipedia.com:

"Social bookmarking is a way for internet users to store, classify, share and search Internet bookmarks."

On a social bookmarking system or network, users store lists of Internet resources that they find useful. These lists can be accessible to the public by users of a specific network or website. Other users with similar interests can view the links by topic, category, tags, or even randomly.

Other than web page bookmarks, services specialized to a specific subject or format - feeds, books, videos, shopping items, map locations, wineries, etc. - can be found.

The social bookmarking system or network is a great fast and safe way of storing information from your explorer.

Powered by Add This:

Here at smoaky.com we offer you the ability to use the social bookmarking service of your choice, either your "usual" service or you can choose from a long list of different services. When you click on the "Share This" link you will be presented with just such a list. We suggest that, if you don't already have a service provider, you read a little about each service before making your decision. Some of the more popular services are:

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