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'any OASIS fans amongst us ???

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Like The Darkness, this seems to be a band that people either love or hate .......... anyway, their new LP, Don't Believe The Truth, hits record stores today.


It's being hailed as their best album since (What's The Story) Morning Glory .......... we shall see.


The video for the LP's first single, "Lyla" is in moderate/heavy rotation on VH1 Mega Hits -- 'pretty cool song! :thumbsup:

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To add to the Gallagher Brothers' legendary obsession with the Beatles, their new drummer is none other than Zak Starkey -- Ringo Starr's son.

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'saw them in 1996 at the Bronco Bowl -- great show !! :thumbsup:


I sat next to some native Brits & helped them hold up the Union Jacks !!

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