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  1. No they do not hog players in Tyler. We can't. That was a mistype and it was a response to a Longview poster. U should of known better anyway from reading it. It was a typing mistake. Use common sense.
  2. I cant be more clear than i was. Maybe your thoughts when u know nothing about them is holding u back from the truth. What happened last year has nothing to do with this year. Maybe if u read my most recent posts,it will be more clear to you.
  3. Well all those 2500 kids don't play football and they can't hog players around Tyler, so they have to play and let their time around again. They had talent these last couple of years to be more successful than they were but i feel winning was not highest priority that time around.
  4. Thats sad,i agree. The qb decision , game manager style offense and lack of usage of anyone outside of Miller & Donnell shocked me. Weird man !!! Im like do you really want win or not? We just have to see.
  5. That i agree,they are young and inexperienced but talented imo. They will get better. Someone said earlier in the spring, they are like 2020 John tyler and i agree somewhat but i think they will be better at QB position than JT was then. They Ofcourse don't a have a super star at wr but they will grow and be successful in future i think.
  6. Naw man i saw them in spring. Im expecting different than what yall are saying. I don't know whats going on with 7 on 7,i havnt seen them. Sometimes everybody don't be there till SQT. I expect them to be just as competitive as recent years this coming up season. Now Ofcourse they are very different in the backfield this year i admit but i think they will still be somewhat competitive. Ill give them atleast 5 wins or more.
  7. https://tylerpaper.com/sports/red-shines-bright-tylers-holt-tave-earn-mvp-honors-in-fca-all-star-game/article_f5a550fe-e46f-11ec-a541-67760d930c98.html
  8. May be in there by Tuesday. Things a little differently this year seems. This Sqt usually be Juneteenth weekend i think. Plus i saw that the state tournament is the end of this month. Usually be like second weekend of July if im not mistaking.
  9. Yea,hey yall going to Sqt this Saturday? I think its at Lindsey park still,im not 100% certain but thats been the spot for years. I may check it out,im not quite sure.
  10. It probably was that guy name john tyler fan. I was telling him i saw that brother at a John tyler spring practice. I saw the video again and realized it wasn't spring. It actually was a two-a- days practice or pre season practice(whatever they call it now) last August. I think its him,i was gonna post the video.
  11. HEY! GO Lobos!!! Lol!! Hey its all in fun man when i be pokin at yall man. Im weirdly competitive like that. Lol,yall should know me by now. It was all about Lee/John Tyler ,Tyrone Ross ,DaDa Brown,zach Hall ,Miller & Donnell. Now Montrell Wade!!! And its gonna be next man up ...uh Luke Wolf & Caiden Drummer lol.
  12. Hey was that u i was talking to about the dood that use to write in sports section for John Tyler? I mentioned that i thought i seen him at Jt spring practice last season.
  13. Oooo!!, U BIG MAD!! U just described yourself. Mentally Ur bout as slow as a sick slug. A big time liar & deciever. Sit up and just yip yap . Just take the L & shut up. IT'S that simple. Looks like u been taking it like a champ your whole life so far,u aint pulled a bat and went crazy on the time clock. That's where i pat you on the back. Ur just a walking L and i aint referring to the lobo logo. They atleast got sense enough to put themselves in position to look appear bigtime. U can't even do that. Just a major wreck being rewound back over & over. Hey simp, I don't have the time or desire to sit here and keep destroying you nitwits. Cause Look clowns, I have better things to do like looking forward to 7 on7 and Tyler SQT in 2 weeks. Dueces
  14. So why is Duncanville in the conversation? Man im not fixing to sit up argue with u advasary inbesils. Its foolish and waste of time to argue with that just lie and decieve and put words and your own choice sayings in people's mouths ,pat each other in the back for speaking foolishness lmao . Crazy & rediculious is understatement when describing yall. Smh. I got better things to do. I stated my truth and it hurts u. As for Longview fans in here,Ur lies and all the yip yap back at me can't deconstruct it. My time to valuable & Johnny football, banning together with these Longview nutz in here is showing off on you with your false information and statements. In 2002,2003 & 2004,posted very good team and great seasons for Lee. Advancing to the semifinals in 2002,State champions in 2004,loosing to #1 The Woodlands in the Quarterfinals in 2003 in double overtime,a game before the semifinals.
  15. I don't know ,its probably were geezus stay whoever that is. This clown just embarrasses hisself. Where they find u at? Land of the klutz? lmao!!! They need to put u back then put a barcade up. Build a enclosure around ya and spray paint the word "MAJOR KLUTZ ENCLOSED"on the wall with poison symbols engraved around it saying "Warning:Do NOT OPEN" .
  16. Nope u making your own rules. I never said it didn't count. Show me the post . U already put your words in position to be contradicted. U just putting words in my mouth. What ever i said u get it right. Don't put words i my mouth. U usually lose vs good Tyler teams. 8+ win tyler teams. And u beat them because we likely to have down seasons come along because we can't hog all the talent in the city and everyone else can't build a name. Shut u got beat. U can't win this with trying twisting people words to decieve people. Lmao. Man im not arguing with yall. I done said the samething over and over. Just keep playing deaf. I got receits lmbo
  17. both Tyler teams has history of schedule tougher teams than. Longview go waaaay to lausianna and find a Celina level team in tx, ranked #2 up there in Louisiana and beat them and think they showed something. I see where fans get your deceitful mindsets. Lmao hell its a whole contagious germ with u fans. At least yall that are in hear. Them other Longview fans probably aint like yall decieful garbage thats in here..
  18. What have u seen him say that dug a hole for me? Lmao!!! All that writing is nothing but deception. Thats all he has time and ability for is fooling fools like u in thinking he is proving a point to u guys are a joke!!!!
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