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Deer Season is Approaching


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Deer season is almost upon us. Knowing that, I would like you to review the following pictures. Every year someone comes along and shoots everything that moves, resulting in ranchers losing part of their herds because some city slicker didn't know a deer from a cow. Please note the differences below.  In the first picture you will see two deer, these are the target animals when hunting. In the second picture, you will see cows. Please note the differences between the deer and the cows. Cows are not your target. Please don't shoot the cows. In the third picture, these are also cows, cows come in a variety of sizes and colors, again, please do not shoot the cows. The fourth picture is what we refer to as a bull, it has horns, not antlers, also off limits, it too is not a deer. I hope this guideline helps...😂🤣😂 I would like to note, that some cows may even have horns. Again, these are not antlers. I leave you with one last thing, just because you have the deer lined up in your sights, doesn't mean it's safe to shoot. Know your surroundings and know what's behind your target.FB_IMG_1693858661890.jpgFB_IMG_1693858658916.jpgFB_IMG_1693858655762.jpgFB_IMG_1693858651449.jpg

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