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  1. Nope. More like gift wrapped Christmas present from SH. SH was ahead 15-6 with less than 3 mins in Q4 with the ball inside LE 30. LE should have lost but they made a couple of big plays when it counted and got the W. Point being SH is capable of playing with PG, just like Pitt did. We just have to finish this time.
  2. Did you think LE would need to score twice in the last 3 mins to beat SH last Fri?
  3. Finally we are all with you this week BHB4. We believe!
  4. You might be surprised at how competitive this game will be.
  5. Rusk OL will not give their southpaw QB enough time to do anything Fri. He will be scrambling a lot. Dawg front 7 will have their own zip code in Rusk backfield by halftime, along with a couple turnovers. Carthage 49-6
  6. SH travels to PG after a disappointing loss to LE. PG is coming off a blowout at NL.
  7. We have played both recently. LE is not ready for Gilmer.
  8. Gilmer by 28+ and it won’t be close.
  9. Trust me, you need to see the others I mentioned. They are the same as you describe with no athletes. They both have more runs for losses than for positive yards. They actually played each other earlier this year. NL got their 1st win in like 3 years vs WP 32-9.
  10. You need to see Wills Point & North Lamar before labeling Jasper the worst.
  11. Copy this sentence and use it next Fri night around 10 pm. GW by 28+.
  12. Wait until you read about our game and the last 3 mins. SH was up 15-6 with the ball inside LE 20 with 3 mins left and loses 21-15. Talk about sick.
  13. SH came to play. Grinding and getting it done. LE looked good on first drive the lost their mojo. Presnap penalties, personal fouls, dropped passes, etc. They better clean it up if SH gonna get the W. But I will say LE has brought the wood tonight. Two big hits on SH WR’s. One was called targeting.
  14. Still think this will be a really close game. I’ve got SH winning 28-26. LE misses an XP early, then goes for two late and fails.
  15. Think it was just one game. Saw a post of 36-24 LE for JV score on the FSSW app.
  16. Y’all think I’m talking about making noise and winning titles? LOL! Man I’m just talking about competing. SH can compete with Sabine, White Oak, New Boston, Jefferson, etc. year in and year out. We are at a distinct disadvantage against the likes of teams like Gilmer & Carthage.
  17. It’s just simple math. We are one of the smallest 4A D2 schools with already low numbers for football. If we dropped to 3A D1 we would compete & win more games which would likely increase football interest & participation in the years to come. We have kids walking the halls at SH that would start if they played.
  18. I’ve got the offense scoring 28, the defense scoring 7, & special teams scoring 7.
  19. Hoping SH becomes the largest 3A D1 school on snapshot day.
  20. Atlanta is going to schedule QC for the next two years and you will be hating life. It’s coming……
  21. Slow start, undisciplined penalties, and turnovers would be the things to work on.
  22. Center. Come on guys this is Shepherd we are talking about. I can’t imagine Center is down that low.
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