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  1. Wos doesn't care and has nothing to prove to anybody, not now not ever. Real successful programs don't about what sports writers or anyone else has to say.
  2. Yep wos and another went 4 years in a row congrats pg fine achievement
  3. The 83 daingerfield team, was it the greatest team ever?
  4. Sorry didn't know u had started one and yes we are all praying.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving to all. We had bad plant explosion early Wednesday morning here in southeast Texas so football is kinda set to the side. Prayers go out to everyone the was affected and it was 2 or 3 more small explosions through out the day. Again happy Thanksgiving again and best of luck to all teams this weekend across the state.
  6. I wish we could go back to one division because it a lot of 4a d2 the could beat the breaks off d1.
  7. Streaks are made to be broken.
  8. I agree and like i said the Crosby and jasper game hurt them but for a bunch of 9 10 11 and a few seniors, how many teams u know would just have one lost. Their getting better since their playing back to back games now, so it's time to what they can do against stiff competition. And by way u talk about 5 hours away for celina also in 16, p a memorial played a team from Florida then come 17 miles down the road and play wos. Say what u will no one wanted any parts of them that year, took 3 months to fill the schedule they called anyone they could including Louisiana and Oklahoma.
  9. So I guess PLEASANT grove #### since the only real team they play was Carthage and lost to them. Get outta with that. I never wos Katy or north play a soft non district schedule unless team were to scared to play them and had to just schedule somebody. And wos offered to celina in a regular game celina declined fast, so dont fault the teams if some of the better ones up ur way I guess don't have the stones to line up with the south unless the have to.
  10. 86 teams in the playoffs had losing and the north and east had their fair share. Katy wos and northshore will line up with anybody anywhere u wanna bring buddy.
  11. Ok well I guess they are not worth anything because they didn't play Crosby and they lost to netwon, gotcha.
  12. You right not playing against jasper and Crosby hurt them to see what they were really made of. And for belleville we will find if they r for real best of luck to both.
  13. Yea because the people from up north was too lazy to drive down south in 15
  14. I don't live in Houston so it's not right around the corner. Have it in san Antonio I don't live there either. So it's not about a short drive for me I'm telling you not all kids and coaches agree with playing in #### world every year
  15. Again not true I know plenty of coaches and kids that would to see a rotation. It was nothing wrong with the teams picking their on neutral site back in the day. All I'm saying is let's give it a shot
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