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  1. Having Henderson ranked 5 or 6 is a joke, right.
  2. Not a fan of high school replay, but that wasn’t just a blown call. It possibly cost Aledo a state championship.
  3. You are mistaken to think that Van is not as good as Henderson, Kilgore or Chapel Hill or that they can’r compete with them.
  4. Pulling for Kemp. Win or lose, what a year!
  5. Kaufman had a third down and 4 early in the second qtr. and chose to run the ball. Not sure why they didn't attempt to throw the ball since they were having success with the pass. The run was stuffed and it was off to the races for Kennedale.
  6. Had a feeling you would show up here to crow about something your team couldn't get done. Have fun in 3A next year.
  7. Kennedale made some great defensive adjustments in the second qtr. to stop Kaufman’s running game.
  8. Bigger schools bigger problems. Kaufman got bumped up from 3A to 4A back in the 90’s for a while and it was pretty ugly.
  9. The odds are long against it, but a Kaufman/Henderson match up down the road would set this board on fire. It would be a lot of fun.
  10. I never said Kaufman dominated the game. I said LE trailed on the scoreboard. I said LE got stomped with the game on the line, which is what happened. The better team won, period. Kaufman faces a monumental task by playing Kennedale. Everybody knows that. 4A is deep in good football teams so there’s not any sugars going forward. It’s what makes 4A the best classification in Texas high school football, in my opinion.
  11. The defense has been good enough for Kaufman to go 12-1. A lot of the yards the defense has given up in the three playoff games ihas been when Kaufman has a lead. They have been willing to trade touch downs after getting a lead. In other words, let the other team take time off the clock. The LE fan who said the defense was average at best failed to mention that LE trailed the entire game until taking a 35-31 lead with 5 minutes left in the game. However, after kicking off to Kaufman and with game on the line Kaufman offense AND defense stomped a mud hole in LE’s back side.
  12. Not trolling Kaufman? Sure thing. Kaufman’s QB ran for 285 yds. against Van. If Van had a better defense than Kaufman, Kaufman would have played Kennedale last week.
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