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  1. Any other Diana folks heard who is on the committee?
  2. I very much DISLIKE allybama. Not a fan of Georgia either. But...go Dawgs!!!! Poor UCF. Didn't even get a chance. @#$&#@$ selection committee.
  3. Well, committee it is then.
  4. Sam Houston State's Jeremiah Briscoe wins the Payton Award for the second straight year. https://www.foxsports.com/college-football/story/sam-houston-s-briscoe-claims-walter-payton-award-for-second-time-010518 Eat 'em up Kats!!!!
  5. STAFF Landon Burleson Assistant Coach Travis Chrisman Offensive Coordinator Brad Hale Defensive Coordinator Kendall Jackson Assistant Coach Bernie Martinez Assistant Coach Hunter Millican Assistant Coach Tyler Sisco Assistant Coach
  6. I haven't heard anything either. Not sure if they're gonna do like last time and use a committee or not.
  7. It's sad that "certain" teams at the beginning of the season can only hope for a bowl game (and no shot at a national championship) no matter what their record is at the end of the season. In this case, a perfect undefeated record.
  8. FINALLY some points on the board. Aaannnd then Bailey misses the xp. Geesh!!
  9. Try and work out a trade for Dez? Get something for him. If not, cut him. What about a trade with Seattle...Dez for Earl Thomas?? Need O-line depth. I still feel Collins is a better guard than tackle. Move him to guard, and draft a tackle in the first or second round. Get better backup linemen than they have in the draft or free agency. I'm actually surprisingly pleased with the Defense. Get quality backups and fill-in peices for the Dline and linebackers. Do their homework to accomplish this via the draft & free agency. I'm willing to stick with Red and the OC & DC, and overall coaching staff...for now. But, my patience is running thin. They should all be on the hot seat if overall team production doesn't improve next year.
  10. Hhhmmm...that is interesting. Wonder what his contract status is? Free agent after this season?
  11. "Merry" Christmas Dallas Cowboys. Thanks!!! I still love you, but you make it frustrating. Geesh!!!
  12. I wonder if they could get any trade value for Dez?
  13. I totally agree. I've been his supporter in the past. Not anymore. I think I'm done with him. No production from him after all the complaining he does....it's actually anti-production. It'd be different if he complained and then produced. @#$&# Diva that no shows!!
  14. @#$&$# Dez!!!! Cowboys need to sit him the rest of the game!!! @#$&$
  15. I agree. But not just lost to them...dominated by them. smh
  16. Cowboys in a close one. Last drive of the game, the 'Boys put points on the board to win it.
  17. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I wish peace and joy to every one of you and your families. God bless our overseas troops & families during this holiday season.
  18. When he was hired 2 yrs ago, he mentioned his family in Arkansas. He was over in central Texas previously and said moving up to East Texas was closer to his family in Arkansas.
  19. Yea, I figured he'd leave eventually too. But not after only 2 seasons. After this season's success, he probably figured it was a good time to move on. The Eagles are loosing 14 seniors from this past seasons team. They will be "okay" next season, but nothing compared to this season.
  20. https://www.etvarsity.com/news/2017/dec/23/new-dianas-coplin-leaving-job-arkansas/ Eagles Nation will miss you Coach Coplin!!! Thanks for everything you did for those young men.
  21. Congrats Newton!!! Well deserved. You are the Champs!!
  22. Redneck Heaven isn't too far. Great food and "scenery'" There also used to be a place on Cooper, I think, that Philadelphia Cheese Steak was their specialty.
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