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  1. Hhhmmm...that is interesting. Wonder what his contract status is? Free agent after this season?
  2. "Merry" Christmas Dallas Cowboys. Thanks!!! I still love you, but you make it frustrating. Geesh!!!
  3. I wonder if they could get any trade value for Dez?
  4. I totally agree. I've been his supporter in the past. Not anymore. I think I'm done with him. No production from him after all the complaining he does....it's actually anti-production. It'd be different if he complained and then produced. @#$&# Diva that no shows!!
  5. @#$&$# Dez!!!! Cowboys need to sit him the rest of the game!!! @#$&$
  6. I agree. But not just lost to them...dominated by them. smh
  7. Cowboys in a close one. Last drive of the game, the 'Boys put points on the board to win it.
  8. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I wish peace and joy to every one of you and your families. God bless our overseas troops & families during this holiday season.
  9. When he was hired 2 yrs ago, he mentioned his family in Arkansas. He was over in central Texas previously and said moving up to East Texas was closer to his family in Arkansas.
  10. Yea, I figured he'd leave eventually too. But not after only 2 seasons. After this season's success, he probably figured it was a good time to move on. The Eagles are loosing 14 seniors from this past seasons team. They will be "okay" next season, but nothing compared to this season.
  11. https://www.etvarsity.com/news/2017/dec/23/new-dianas-coplin-leaving-job-arkansas/ Eagles Nation will miss you Coach Coplin!!! Thanks for everything you did for those young men.
  12. Congrats Newton!!! Well deserved. You are the Champs!!
  13. Redneck Heaven isn't too far. Great food and "scenery'" There also used to be a place on Cooper, I think, that Philadelphia Cheese Steak was their specialty.
  14. Congrats Gunter!!! Go win State again. From: ND Eagle fan
  15. Well, I was wrong...DAGNABIT!!! Sam is losing embarrassingly!!!! No defense!! No heart!!! No competitive spirit!!! They look slow/sluggish. That writer this week was right...Sam is a tier 2 playoff team. I'm still a proud Bearkat Alum!!! Eat'em up Kats!!!
  16. It's almost game time!!!! The Kats are gonna figure out the bison this time. They got this!! EAT'EM UP KATS!!!
  17. Jealous much? lol You know you're a closet Kat fan!! lol
  18. Sam Houston beat Kennesaw State 34-27. The Kats now play at North Dakota State on Friday night, 7pm on ESPN2. This is the 3rd time in 4 years the Kats have reached the semi-finals. Eat'em up Kats!!!!
  19. Way to go ET!!!! Go get 'em!!! Bring back the National Championship to Commerce.
  20. I'd like to congratulate Gunter on a great game and great season thus far. There is a reason you are the undefeated defending State Champs. Great offense, great defense, and overall great TEAM. You are as was advertised. I'd also like to apologise for the actions of a couple of our players. They acted without class and let frustration take over. There is no excuse for their behavior. They have done it all season and I'm surprised the ND coaches have allowed it without consequences. Overall, the ND team does not act that way. It's disgraceful. Congrats to the ND Eagles on a great season. It's been a pleasure to watch you all season and cheer you on. We in Eagle Nation are very PROUD of you and your season's accomplishments. To those 14 Seniors, job well done in overcoming the adversity since that 0-10 season just a couple of years ago. Eagles, you have represented your school, community, and District 7 with hard work, never giving up, and the drive to keep going. Thank you!!! Proud Eagle!!
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