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  1. You do realize he was coaching against the best coach in 2a, possibly the state as a whole, so yes, they were outcoached last night. Herring is on pace to be the winningest coach in Texas HS history if he chooses to keep going. Timpson's coach has taken them where they've never been before. Try to take a deep breath and enjoy the success Timpson is having and realize losing to a Herring coached team isn't unique to Therwanger. The best thing Timpson could do is work to ensure Therwanger doesn't take a job offer to a bigger and more lucrative school, because they will come calling with the success he has had these last 3 years.
  2. It's not being a troll. He was just calling you out for saying 'Refugio ain't ready for what's about to ensue.' I even tried telling you Refugio had seen it all and was prepared for anything, but just like many R3 fans of years gone by, you thought you knew better with ridiculous statements like that. Timpson (really Bussey) was as good as advertised, but Refugio's culture of winning, never believing they are out of a game, and better coaching adds up to a team (kids) that knows how to close out a game when the pressure is on. They expect to win the big ones and know how to do it. Timpson on the other hand has been riding the coat tails of Bussey and he just didn't make enough big plays last night. It's no knock on him. Without him, they win maybe two playoff games. He just needed more out of his teammates and coaches last night.
  3. Wrong. The best 2A player went home, but the best team won. That's why it's always better to have the best team.
  4. Correct. He was the fastest on the field without a doubt, and that includes being the one that was the most "football fast." I know some said otherwise in the pre-game talk, but he showed it on the field.
  5. Any good Mexican buffet in the Cypress area, if there is such a thing. Nothing like this where I live, so thought maybe in Cypress? Something like the old Pancho's, the place you always want to go, but after you wonder why.
  6. Liberty Hill lost their top two running backs in first offensive series of last game, but still ran for over 500 yards and scored 63. Don't know that it means anything regarding the outcome of this game, but an interesting thing to know. I think LH will give a good fight, but hard to overcome loss of top two offensive weapons. I think they had some 3,000 yards between the two. Liberty Hill has established themselves as a top tier program for the better part of 2 decades while moving from 3A up to 5A and with only 2 down years over that period. Their last down year being 2012 when they went 6-4. They have exceptional coaching and have a culture and mindset of winning and never quitting. I've watched them win quite a number of games that went down to the wire and seems like they almost always find a way to pull out the W. One exceptional win against Carthage when nobody gave them a chance, the last two years against Alamo Heights in playoffs, and even last week against Flour Bluff after losing the 2 RBs. I have to admit I know very little about PNG, but they do seem to be a program that is more up and down, not as well established as a regular contender. Perhaps this is their year, but I'm going with Liberty Hill.
  7. That Canadian team may be the best 2A I've seen. Nobody was beating them that year.
  8. Perhaps. I haven't seen them or followed them this year, so can only base it on what I've seen them do in the past and what their results look like this year. They've handled everyone fairly easy other than Tolar. Beat Centerville very easy who a number were touting as giving Timpson a run for their money, even though that turned out not to be the case. The same Centerville who handled your Teague team fairly easy.
  9. I guess that means Crawford ain't beating Refugio either since Timpson will have lost to them if Refugio is in the championship? Ridiculous. Crawford kids know a little about playing at this stage in the playoffs. They'll be fine and have a chance against anyone. Having said that, I do think Hawley wins, but I never count out Crawford.
  10. No, that's ridiculous and where a lot of schools go wrong. Got to stick with coaches over the long term unless there is substantial reason to fire, even with teams less successful than Timpson. "Looking" at the coaching staff that's taking you to a level you've never been before, no way. The greater issue for Timpson, even if they were to lose, holding on to coaching staff that has been to semi-final for 3-4 straight years because opportunities will come their way.
  11. A few ways to look at that. We've done it for 14 weeks and can do it one or two more. Or, they've done it 14 weeks, but weren't playing against one of the top few 2A programs in the state. It could still be overcome by either team as they both have those abilities, it will just make it a lot harder with a slow start.
  12. Agreed. Slow start could be doom for either team. Could cause coaches to do crazy things like going for it on 4th and long from their own 13.
  13. Mr. Bear, here's the deal... this comment is of the same nature as what Waskom and San Augustine folks were posting leading up to their game(s) with Refugio, saying Refugio isn't "completely ready for what's about to ensue." They talked as though nobody had ever seen a team like they were going to field. Everyone knows how those games ended. Point is, the smack talk is fun, but it's always good to temper with a little humility. Also, those teams had more talent and speed than Refugio, but they were missing something. My opinion is 1) they weren't quite as well coached (no slight to their coaches, but Refugio's are exceptional) 2) they didn't have the championship culture and mindset embedded in their kids and it's impossible to measure how much that helps. I'm sure there's much more, but those stand out to me. For this game... I think Refugio will find a way to win, but I know Timpson has what it takes and it could easily go their way. If Timpson wins, it will be because they fielded an exceptional team that came together and got it done, along with a great game plan from their coaches. I'll be surprised if Bussey doesn't get at least 2 long runs on them, likely a pick, and also Howard I would expect to have at least one big play. I'm born and raised East Texan and have said many times I would like to see an East Texas team get this done. I'll be at this game and enjoy seeing some great 2A football. I'll be happy for Timpson if they make it happen this year. It's beyond old having R4 saying again, "same old R3," but up to now, they've earned the right to say that. Tomorrow could start a new era.
  14. So Refugio can't run outside with #4 or inside with #27, and they can't throw with Bussey in the secondary? Timpson is shutting them down in all aspects? They should just leave their offense on the bus.
  15. Probably has minimal bearing on outcomes and performance, but uniformity and conformity meshes in with discipline and team to some degree. The more of the former, the more you get of the latter. Wanting to stand out from team mates and be noticed as an individual seems to go against what made football what it has been. It's all a part of where we're headed as a whole.... i.e. kids talking back to the refs, flexing on each other, chest pounding just because they made a routine tackle.
  16. Anyone watching 2A ball for the past three years is aware of Timpson. I don't have a good gauge on which team is overall more talented. Talent helps, but it will rarely win the big one without coaching, culture, team.
  17. Very few could even name a kid, aka weapon, on Refugio, but everyone knows Bussey and a lot know of Howard. Refugio is a team effort with no significant standouts. That's why I think they'll win, Timpson coaching staff won't be able to key in on a specific few players.
  18. Who is saying he's the number 2 athlete in the nation. I call BS on that no matter who it is. Zero slight to the young man. I know he's great, but not number 2.
  19. No, R3 has done at least an equal share this year and in year's past. If you think otherwise you haven't been paying attention. Every year both do their fair share of chest pounding, the main difference is R4 has backed it up while R3 disappears quietly with exception of a handful who come back to give R4 its proper due.
  20. It's not what's in the trophy case, it's the culture of winning and what that instills in the kids of programs that have been there time after time. Winning and expecting to win is all they know in their community/school/football program. It's impossible to measure that. Refugio kids grow up expecting to win all of the big games. Timpson may get there. It's not a put-down to Timpson, but their kids don't know what that's like. They know getting there and losing, but haven't tasted the winning part yet. It's not embedded in their culture like it is for Refugio. Timpson is a top tier program these last few year, but they have to win this week for most of those outside of their area to give the nod and say, "they have arrived." Perhaps this year is the year they turn that page, but we won't know until Thursday.
  21. Where are these rankings? I've done a little looking, but that's not an area I'm familiar with. Looked on something called 247 and see him, but it has him somewhere in the 80s?
  22. When I look on DirecTV Stream I don't see Bally Sports. Is it called something else on their site? Want to be sure I get the right package.
  23. Giving an opinion that genuinely thinks the other team who has multiple titles and has consistently beaten Region 3 may win this year isn't hate. Where is that thought even coming from? Someone could even be pulling for Timpson, but still have a legitimate opinion that Refugio is going to win.
  24. Sounds Barry Sanders like. I've seen him on a lot of live streams, but sure it's not the same.
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