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  1. Hallsville school district requested that everyone, staff and students, wear burnt orange today because of the Muckelroy/Hallsville/UT connection. haven't heard how that turned out yet. I am sure that it is tough for some people to go along with the request!!
  2. I am an Alum of UT, graduated in 1988. Though I am a Conservative I do have to agree that UT is a "liberal" university from a staffing perspective. I do believe that there is still a decent representative of conservative students. Many of the Alumni remain conservative as witnessed in many of the Letters to the Editor that is prevalent in The Alcalde, which is the alumni magazine. My daughter will be a freshman there this coming fall which will add to the numbers of conservatives!! By the way, it is a great time to be a Texas fan. When I was there there was not much to cheer abou
  3. I graduated from the SOA as well. I spent many hours in the basement of Sutton Hall. What separates the SOA of from other degree plans is that you have to "show" your work. You cannot "guess" on an answer on a test. If the drawing or model is not complete then there is no guessing or assuming. Another issue with Architecture is that often times your design is judged by a jury which can be very subjective. Some people like the color red and others don't. I was sleep deprived for 5 years. I hate to admit it but I even missed some home UT football games! Of course we were not that good d
  4. QUOTE (Hookemhorns88 @ Dec 15 2009, 08:21 AM) My daughter will be a freshman next year at UT. She does not have hairy armpits but I do! Keep your distance!! So is BEVODIDIT supposed to stay away from you are your daughter? Stay away from the daughter!!! You will only get close to my hairy armpits if I have to put you in a headlock dragging you away from her!! :cripple: :rofl:
  5. My daughter will be a freshman next year at UT. She does not have hairy armpits but I do! Keep your distance!!
  6. It is the pace of the game. How many times have you seen the referees spot the ball quicker and blow the ball live when a team is in their "hurry up" offense? It happens all of the time. There would be a lot of games where the outcome would have been different had the referees played the game the same throughout.
  7. Unfortunately the Heisman is a popularity contest to some extent that is quickly narrowed down to the QB's and RB's on winning teams plus their "body of work" in some instances. Not to mention leadership. I think that is understood by most people today. I believe that Woodson was the last "defensive" player to win but I also think that he returned KO's and punts. So he was effectively on both sides of the ball. In my estimation that WOULD make him the BEST college football player. Though I do not necessarily agree with the Heisman voting these days there has to be some criteria for narro
  8. When it comes to looking at a team versus the individual talent you have to look at the sum of the whole for success. I still think that Muck should have received 1st Team and probably Houston as well but for argument sake I can understand how a few talented players (that get awards) on a team can be beaten by a whole team of players that do not get the accolades.
  9. I am assuming that Muckelroy is dinged up a bit since he did not play against Baylor. Anyone know his situation? Was he held out as a preventative measure? I do not know what all is involved in making All-Big 12 but I would think that missing a conference game would have some effect on it despite his presence and body of work for the year so far.
  10. Come to think of it now that you mentioned it I have missed a couple of the usual DF posters. What happened to SLIKK and I believe the other one to be KEVNASTY?
  11. I was a student at UT-Austin when we barely beat North Texas on a controversial touchdown pass in the south end zone. Was the receiver Bill Boy Bryant? I suffered through the dark ages at UT. My freshmen year we started the season ranked number one. We tied OU and went downhill from there. We also stunk in basketball. The womens sports and swimming was the only thing going at the time. My daughter will be there next year as a freshmen. She is looking forward to some fruitful times in all sports.
  12. I fully understand the depression. I just returned from Hallsville's Pep Rally for the game tonight against Sulphur with tears in my eyes. There are so many things that we wish for to happen so that we can enjoy them and once that moment has passed we are vulnerable. We often times wish our life away. We cannot wait for our kids to start walking and talking. Then we want them to be old enough to stay home by themselves so that we can do what we want to do. Then they are driving and going out on dates!! The next thing you know they are headed off to college!!! The reason for the tea
  13. Inconsistency. A play here or there could have made a difference in the Kilgore and Marshall games which were losses. We have looked fairly decent in our wins with the exception of the Tatum game. After the opening kick-off return by Longview our confidence was shaken. When we went for it on fourth down, on our end of the field in the first half while down 14, and we did not make it, what confidence we did have was shattered.
  14. This seems to be getting about as much attention as the Hallsville-PT game. And after Hallsville's dismal showing last week against Longview there is not much the Hallsville faithful can say. Help me out here, if Hallsville wins one of their two remaining games are they in the post-season? If so, hopefully that will be some motivation for Hallsville.
  15. Exactly. You get a QB to play QB and not a RB disguised as a QB. Arm strength has nothing to do with it if you do not know where the ball is going to go.
  16. I have been trying to find out what happened to Muckelroy. Does anyone know for sure?
  17. "I think, therefore I am"-Descartes. Since I am thinking, I exist in the real world. Real world; Hallsville "may" give them a tough game but in the end LGV will prevail. Just too much speed and depth.
  18. Any more word on what happened to Muckelroy Saturday. Did not see much of him in the second half. His name was mysteriously quiet during the game. Not natural.
  19. Muckelroy ended up with 2 tackles and Kindle with 6. Hard to tell but it looks like OU focused on Muck for the afternoon.
  20. Hallsville won 34 to 0. The clock ran in the 4th quarter. How many times has that been for PT this year? Hallsville offense looked good; scored on big pass plays and 'Trell Johnson had a long run that was fantastic. Hallsville also returned an INT for a TD. The freshman, Ferrell started on defense. I believe that this is the first freshman to start a game since Roddrick Muckelroy. He had a good game. He had a block on the INT that left the kid laying on the field waiting to be assisted off. The Bobcat Belle drill team and band even won over the PT fans.
  21. True. Hallsville beat them in the playoffs at Rose Stdium in Tyler. Roddrick Muckelroy was a junior LB who mirrored AD all night long. Maybe next year the rematch will be back on in the Pros.
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