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  1. Sad performance & effort by the Bearkats. Changes need to be made on the defensive side by either coaching changes or scheme changes...and attitude also. Defense has been terrible all season and gave up alot of points to inferior teams, but the Offense scored alot more so it seemed to get overlooked. I'm still have pride in my university...I'm a proud Bearkat!! Eat 'em up Kats!!!
  2. They play Friday at 6pm CT on ESPN2 http://www.gobearkats.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=19900&ATCLID=211338414
  3. Westy, I hope you (and we) have the same luck as you do on your Cowboys predictions, lol. Eat 'em up Kats!!!
  4. Coach: I saw that the crowd wasn't very big...just shy of 5k in attendance. That's disappointing. I wanted to go to the game, but had to work that night so I couldn't. This quarterfinal game this week against JMU will be a tough one. Weather & possibility of backup freshman QB starting has me worried. On a positive note, the game will be televised on national tv, espn2, so that'll give the 'Kats and the University some national exposure...just hope we put on a good show. I'm gonna say: Kats 37 JMU 31 Eat 'em up Kats!!!
  5. I wish I could go to this game. Gotta work that night. I agree it will be a tough test for Sam. But I predict a Sam victory somewhere in the neighborhood of 41-24 Eat 'em up, Kats!!!
  6. Playoff Committee Chairman basically said it was because of the 'Kats weak OOC opponents and weak Southland Conference
  7. Is it the coaches or is it Romo changing the plays at the line-of-scrimmage...which maybe Dak isn't doing or as much?
  8. It was an HONOR to serve this GREAT COUNTRY. The thanks and gratitude are very appreciated.
  9. You still butthurt from that whoopin Sam gave y'all in this year's BOTPW? lol Eat 'em up, Kats!!!
  10. No, I meant WITHOUT that 28pt swing, was it otherwise a close game? PP had two 100yd pick-6's
  11. Yea, Ore City is out...DeKalb is in.
  12. 1 100yd pick-6 = 14 pt swing. Two of them would be a 28 pt swing. Final score was a 28 pt difference. Was it really that close of a game?
  13. PP had TWO 100yd Pick-6's??? Did I understand that right???
  14. Thanks!! I appreciate it. Let's hope for a well played & injury free game. Y'all PP fans have safe travels to/from Diana.
  15. Can someone going to this game please post game updates. I have to work tonight and can't attend the game. Thanks!!
  16. How'd ND's backup QB #7 look & do against DF?
  17. I agree!! Battle of the Blue Eagles vs Red Eagles!!! Let's put a bug in our respective AD's ear and get this game on the schedule after next year.
  18. Whoa. Someone sounds butthurt about something.
  19. Dang it. How's ND looking? ND QB #7?
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