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  1. You were also the one earlier this season that said we were going to get humbled again this year like Liberty Hill did us last year. How’d that work out for you?
  2. Carthage to pull the upset? It would be an upset if WOS beat Carthage.
  3. It’s hard not to look ahead but even Dave Campbell’s doesn’t think we’ll hit a bump until maybe Lampasas in the state semis.
  4. Not getting defensive at all. The only reason you commented is because you're a Carthage hater.
  5. We're crowning State Champions and not homecoming queens in case you missed it. No s### it's a sports forum you idiot. I have to deal with the fact that morons like you stick your unwanted nose in CISD and Panola County business. Mind your own business Lion70.
  6. I have absolutely zero problem with Coach Surratt getting the raise. Our program makes money and is successful beyond almost others in the state. Considering that CISD receives no Robin Hood program money nobody outside of Panola County has an opinion that means anything. In other words mind your own damn business if you don't pay taxes here.
  7. You're forgetting Boo Beachum, Marlon Bolton, Darren Collins and Kemmy Henderson. No doubt we have had a long list of great backs.
  8. I will disagree there. Been watching CHS football for a long time and Johnny B wouldn't crack my top 5. He was a very good RB but just not in my top 5.
  9. Top 5 backs in no order: Ingram, Smith, Johns, Tatum & Briggs
  10. Dawgs will win by a comfortable margin no doubt.
  11. Fact of the matter is that Kennedale hasn't seen the amount of athletes we will put on the field Friday all season. Safe to say we will not be out coached either. I'll take Scott Surratt and staff over ANY high school staff in the state. That being said I like my Dawgs to get ring #6.
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