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  1. I have been in the East Texas area for over 50 years...never known about a sign from any other school than Whitehouse. I have seen MULTIPLE signs in MULTIPLE years from them. Absolute GARBAGE to allow this type of behavior.
  2. Yup, this one is done. Congratulations to the playoff teams.
  3. I agree. From an outside at Pine Tree this team has totally revamped and done the work to get where they are at now. I am also proud of my Pirates and our coaching staff. Pine Tree needs to not do what we do best and gripe and complain but build and support this group. When other fled, this group wanted to steer the ship. I respect and commend them. Despite the loss, we are playing great football and doing our best. We will get where we need to be soon
  4. Pine Tree with the upset. I think we have just enough speed and talent to battle with Hallsville in the trenches. We need to slow the game down and make it about defense and ball control. To win we must not turn the ball over, have fewer penalty yards, and not allow a special teams touchdown. I think our offense and defense can stay in the game if these things happen.
  5. Pine Tree has improved each week. I know the box score sometimes hasn't looked great, but we are strong in the trenches and our coaches have done a great job isolating our big playmakers and making these easy for them. I think Hallsville will have a hard time with Evans and we can match speed throughout the field. We struggle at times with dumb penalties. This could set us up for a big game against Mount Pleasant soon. IF Mount Pleasant upsets Whitehouse, and if we beat Hallsville, there is potential for a huge game next Friday in Mount Pleasant. If the more likely option occurs and both MP and PT lose, the final four are set and both teams move one to roundball. I am pulling for the former option here. I would love for Whitehouse to lose to Mount Pleasant in a shocker loss. Who doesn't love to see Whitehouse lose? This would be a big benefit for the Pirates and could get us back into contention for playoffs if we can handle the firepower of Hallsville.
  6. Fair assessment for sure. Having seen WH and Hallsville, I'm curious what's your prediction for final standings?
  7. Seems like it will be.... Texas High Marshall/Hallsville Marshall/Hallsville Whitehouse/Pine Tree/Mount Pleasant
  8. Thankfully my Pirates got their district win last week against a Nac team that is hard to predict. It seems they can run an offense one drive and totally change their offense the next. They do have players that are fast and skilled. Not great tacklers. If Mount Pleasant loses I dont see Pine Tree losing to them. Mount Pleasant is in a tough place with a loss as losing may mean zero districts wins and only one win on the season. Nac is trying to get back in it especially since they hold the tiebreak with WH. Slight edge to Mount Pleasant since it is a home game for them.
  9. Mavericks offense looks to be reliant on the run with some creative play action plays to free up 11 and 1. 1 is a rangy and explosive receiver and can get anything in the air. 11 is the workhorse for short pass plays in the flat. Mavs would much rather keep it on the ground and don't care about keeping an even distribution. Texas High is explosive and they use their athleticism to exploit teams lack of quickness and speed. They bully you at the line of scrimmage and rely on 4 and 32 to gash you downfield. I think 4 is the better runner but 32 is special as well. I don't think they are as gifted at receiver as they have been in the past. Defense and special teams can be sloppy. Too sloppy for a talented team that wants to make a big run in the postseason. Texas High 35 Marshall 21
  10. Hallsville - environment will be great. Hallsville too powerful on offense. Texas High - balanced offense and talented in all phases Mount Pleasant - battle of the bottom. MP finds a way to limp out with a district win. Pirates win big.
  11. D E M O G R A P H I C S Lots of communities on this list grappling with changing demographics and shifts in community interest. You can substitute football state championship competition for overall football competitiveness. Many of these schools were at least competitive within their pre-district and district records. Hard for folks who remember the good times in these towns to accept times aren't just changing but have totally changed. I am fascinated by how schools will adapt. To me, there is no case study school that schools could use and point to as the winning formula for increased engagement and support. Each of these schools struggle with the cultural and demographic changes. Outside of demographic shifts, cultural changes in schools are present as well. There is less willingness to engage in both academic and athletic school organizations. This lack of engagement is across demographic lines. Many of these schools have students who participate in nothing and cost them when UIL enrollments come due. I'm sure there is a process for changing this trend, but there is no clear example to follow. Time will tell.
  12. if ifs and buts were candy and nuts then everyday would be Christmas
  13. Hallsville - firing on all cylinders. Letting the district know they are gunning for 2nd and their handling of Marshall proves it. Marshall - regroup against chaotic and undisciplined MP team with a win. Marshall loses this somehow and there will be lots of explaining to do. Pine Tree - My Pirates win in the wasteland that is WH. I want this one!
  14. Happy for my Pirates. A great game and we were multiple in how we attacked on offense and did a great job defensively. Great energy at Pirate Stadium and our boys came out swinging and clearly wanted the game. Whatever happened in the locker room and practice this last week created a great gameplan and motivated Pirates. We are not out of the Pines yet. We still have WH and have to go to the wasteland that is WH. They will home cook and play hard. We must be ready. A win there gets us in the drivers seat for a playoff birth and puts WH in the dog house. I am calling a loss to Hallsville and Texas High. This puts us in I believe fourth. We may be out of the cellar!
  15. tough for mp that hallsville beat marshall and now the mavs are in a must win friday
  16. Good for Nac. I am still happy they beat WH. When you are overconfident thats what happens WH. As for us, we are not that great. Our RB is very skilled but he has to create largely on his own and with poor line play. We have some dumb penalties too. I say Nac wins but will be close than people may think.
  17. Is Nac better than we thought or is WH worse? This complicates the last two playoff spots for some teams. Can Nac keep it going?
  18. Is the starting TH RB number 4 or was he the replacement player in the game versus Legacy?
  19. Watched the game online seemed like MP gave up 45 yards on 3 unsportsmanlike penalties.
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