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  1. Dont worry about the coaches, they more thank likely worked a 15 hour day, the day before (Thurs games). The longer and later the day is the harder for the "coach" that is driving that bus full of kids. Not all schools have drivers, usually gets added to a coach/teacher with a big work load already. Support your local school, not many coaches left in the profession. All are leaving because of the work load and getting blasted by community. Take care of the ones you have, because it's getting harder and harder to replace them. God Bless!
  2. Still no helmets! I will ship mine to Odessa from now on. This year they were shipped to Alto. Not gonna make that mistake again!
  3. Oh I'm frustrated. Still do not have helmets!
  4. I totally understand that. But these helmets are being reconditioned, not buying new ones.
  5. The helmet company (whom I spoke to), they will not take helmet orders until Oct. and the coaches that I spoke to said they were told the same thing. Everything that has been ordered and not here yet is "C o v i d's" fault, per vendor. He says no one wants to work. Maybe its an excuse that everyone accepts, idk. All I know is we need our helmets before Aug. 1st (they were shipped off in April).
  6. We still have not received our helmets back from reconditioning. Over heard several coaches at coaching school saying they were told it would be mid Aug. before they are shipped. Of course its being blamed on c o v i d!!
  7. Eustace has hired and I believe Hamilton has offered.
  8. Coaching buddy from East Tx interviewed this week. He said they needed to hire 6 coaches on the boys side and was asked he he would be willing to teach 3-4 classes. I asked him if he was gonna take it if offered? He laughed and said "I dont see myself wearing purple and gold anytime soon".
  9. We already do that. No coach on our staff has an "Offseason". Actually some of our coaches have 4 sports, and I dont think that is fair to the coach or the kids.
  10. Sorry for your loss, God Bless!
  11. Too many to post.................
  12. I think it would depend on the size of your staff. 5-8 football coaches on staff to run 7-12 football is all hands on deck. As for why we work 16-20 hours on Saturday/Sunday is up the the head FB coach. Going 4 rounds deep to winning a state championship every year is worth it to me. But thats just me.
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