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  1. 2a D1 Coleman vs Alvord at Breckenridge ISD Thursday at 7pm
  2. Has the game gotten better, or worse? Please give some detail as why you think as you do. Personally, I believe the game has changed drastically. Here are a few. Cons 1. Boys don't play like they used too (soft society?). 2. The game has been taken away from the smaller players, smaller schools (blocking below the waist/cutting, etc.), small guys cant stand up and block big guys. 3. referee shortage Pros 1. Equipment is way better. 2. Offensive and Defensive game planning has evolved greatly. 3. HUDL has educated our players to new levels. Just my 2 cents, lets hear it.
  3. Yes they do in the new stadium, pretty sweet set up!
  4. The guy is a winner! He won at Rocksprings and will win at Hubbard. Flexbone coming to town. Congrats Coach Berry.
  5. Did Coach Day ever get hired back? Or did they go in a different direction?
  6. Hearing they called back top 3 and will name at board meeting Monday night.
  7. Job has not been posted, so Im betting an internal hire.
  8. Say a coach has been coaching 20 years, what do you think his average number of years per school be? 30 years-number of years per school? Please consider a coach that is looking to move up and has a desire to be an AD/Head Football (not all coaches have this desire).
  9. Rules in Texas HS football have been changed over the years to benefit the bigger more athletics players. These new rules have taken the ave size player out of the game. No more blocking below the waist, total change on how we are suppose to tackle. The guys that are 5'10" 190-200lbs on the Oline/Dline can not have the same effect blocking as they did 20 years ago. I remember how we were taught, for some reason that is now dangerous to HS players. So in other words, if you have bigger and faster athletes you more than likely win (because of rule changes). No more of the MORE PHYSICAL teams winning. Just my 2 cents
  10. Any info on the job? Was a power house back in the day.
  11. Not worried about West Texas in general, just the movement across the state on jobs and such. Im actually a Central Texas person by birth, but have moved around the state in the coaching world.
  12. Have already had a couple of coaches from the area, at their track meet and baseball games. It will draw a lot of interest!
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