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  1. I heard that Evadale has a cousin of Andrew Black from Chapel Hill on the team. Is he on par with him? If so, I'll take Evadale.
  2. Kilgore will not have to pass. Carthage cannot and will not stop them from running the ball. 78 will make your Dline look in the bleachers for their mommies.
  3. I heard QB Black showed up to school yesterday in a knee brace and is pretty gimpy. Any truth to that?
  4. Traylor breaking a rule..... say it ain't so.
  5. I have a question. Not a McFarland hater. Just wondering due to all of the talk about how he was shafted by WHISD on here and in the local media. If he was a great coach, then why wasn't he picked up by another program? Was it because he decided to just coast into retirement? Or was it due to some behind the scenes issue that is legit? Or was he blackballed by the WH sup.? It just seems strange to me that he didn't get another head job. Henderson comes to mind for me. It is close enough that he would not have to relocate, per se. I know the Marshall people were wanting him as well. This all se
  6. I've been out of town, Welllll....looks like I'm a "FALSE" prophet,lol. Good luck to all of 16-3A in the playoffs. I think Gilmer might be a darkhorse. Mark it down. You read it hear first, Kilgore: 2012 Division I State Champs!!!!...with 1 loss. Crow is tasty when prepared right!!
  7. I've been gone working. Didn't get to see the game. But,..... I told you so. Kilgore will be the undefeated district champs after next week. I called it way back in the spring and everyone jumped all over me. It's ok, I knew it all along..... Now just to get those lottery numbers right!!!
  8. Here is some game talk for you: Kilgore's strength is its defense. Teams have struggled to move the ball against them. A passing team will have its best chance against this defense. A run oriented team will be doomed to failure. Offensively Kilgore will throw just enough to keep you honest. They will cram the ball down your throat with a variety of backs with different sizes and speeds. Need to pound you with a big back,.. got him, need to have a change of pace back,.. got him. Henderson's strength from what I have read is Monsta, is that his real name? One guy will not make it against
  9. Just curious, with everyone hammering the OC and Black, what is the defense giving up per game in district. Seems like those 2 are taking all the blame for a bad team. By the way, Gladewater takes this one. CH is too small and doesn't have any playmakers on either side of the ball.
  10. Do you hear it? It's the sound of scared Henderson folk. They know that their "3" year streak is coming to an end. That faint sound in the background is 'Ol River, you know the mule, warming up for the kicking about to take place by Kilgore. Henderson finishes district with 2 losses. Mule kicking commences in 2 days!!!
  11. Kilgore wins this one and the next. Henderson will struggle to do anything offensively. Kilgore will win this one old school Kilgore style. Stuff you with defense and pound you with more backs than you can stop. I will say this. Hope you guys make a run in D2. But your 3 game win streak is done!!!
  12. Looks like to me the whole team has "helped you all win none" Kilgore's QB completed 1 pass and they still dominated the game. Going to reiterate my position. Kilgore will go undefeated in district and has a legitimate shot at the state title.
  13. I said this at the beginning of this year and was told how ignorant I was, and that Kilgore would get introduced to 3A football. I guess I'm looking like a prophet now.
  14. That's funny right there.... Ask about his choice in volleyball coaches. lol
  15. Traylor coaching point. They can't call it all every play so do it and then I'll run around and act like an idiot when they do. Then the next time they will not call it just so I don't act like an idiot on them again. It has worked well for years.
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