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  1. Tom Bean is not very good, because they usually lack talent and always lack discipline. Even when Chad Worrell was there, and I would consider him a relatively strong disciplinarian, the kids wee still undisciplined,
  2. Yes, backing out an agreement is not a character trait I want in a leader. This is not an agreement between two coaches, this is an agreement between two Schools. Finding games this late in the process is difficult at best, only a person of low character would put another coach in that position by backing out on an agreement.
  3. After next Thursday it won't matter, as long as the new coach has a reasonably high character then the schedule will be set.
  4. You might be right Matt, but I've heard the job is his if he wants it. Lots of respect for him at the administration level.
  5. Ford already has the non-district schedule made.
  6. I sure don't have a dog in this fight. But, Tom Bean has gotten it wrong so many times. This is definitely the best hire they could have made. He will be the best coach since Chad Worrell left.
  7. I think if you hire the guy I'm thinking of, then you will get exactly what you are asking for. I could be wrong, but I think he is a long-term, until retirement kind of hire. He has the experience, the leadership capabilities and the knowledge to take the Program to the next level and beyond. And, I don't think he's looking at Marshall as a stepping stone job.
  8. I think the best hire is already on campus. Lot to be said for familiarity with the kids and continuity of the program.
  9. Pressure from admin Pressure from parents Pressure from the community Lots of people in PNG think Faircloth has failed because he can't make a deep run. They think that he has failed the program because he tries to outscore people instead of playing his best players both ways and trying to stop the opponent. The Indians have not been good on defense.
  10. Maybe not a better job, but a better situation.
  11. https://www.panews.com/2022/01/24/pngs-brandon-faircloth-recommended-as-head-coach-ad-for-another-texas-high-school/
  12. Would not be surprised, with the powers that be in PNG trying to railroad him out of town. This would be a good move for him and for SS.
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