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  1. What is the hold up in Nac? I know football is really not a high priority, but this is getting ridiculous, even by Nac's standards.
  2. You Sir definitely have a problem with the forward pass.
  3. But, Central Heights isn't taking any football players away from Nac. Now, some other small communities like Garrison might be, but that is probably because they can't play at Nac or can't play soon enough at Nac or they don't think they are going to win in Nac.
  4. Grapeland looking for a Defensive Coordinator
  5. https://easttexasnews.com/houston-county-sports/2986-bulldogs-lose-hard-fought-battle-at-shepherd
  6. Probably lack of numbers, if the rumors are accurate.
  7. So, so true. Lots of schools going to be coaching shorthanded this year. We are reverting back to the late 70's, early 80's where smaller schools had as few as 4 Varsity coaches.
  8. And I'm pretty sure Eustace is not at the top of anybody's list to go coach. They will get a HC, because everybody wants that first Head Coaching job. And they will probably get a couple first time coordinators because those jobs are not easy to come by either. But, the other 4-6 assistant coaching positions will be really tough to fill.
  9. A, as in any ole coach will do Not, THE HEAD FOOTBALL COACH
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