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  1. Been the Defensive Coordinator at Crockett for last 2 years or just 1?
  2. Coach Dixon is a great man. Any idea what happened? Where did he go?
  3. I'm sure there is more to the story.
  4. Will never understand that. I'm not applying for or interviewing for a job that I don't want. Even if I learn something during or after the interview, I'm pulling my name from consideration prior to being offered the job. IMO, very unprofessional.
  5. The arrogance level of some head football coaches is so overwhelmingly insane it is almost impossible to imagine. The longer I stay in the business the more I just laugh at most of these dudes. They think they know everything and are the first ones to run from work. These do as I say not as I do "leaders" are a complete joke.
  6. It makes absolutely ZERO sense to get upset with having a Girls Sports Athletic Coordinator. It really takes a lot of pressure off the AD, and as long as everyone is working together for the betterment of the overall program, then it should be a great situation. Takes a lot of pressure and work off of the Athletic Director. To quit a job over that is completely unfathomable.
  7. Anybody know the cutoff date? Will be interested to see who applies and who Elkhart decides to hire.
  8. So the only people that SHOULD get to vote on Bond elections are property owners?
  9. I think it is obvious to some of us that defense is where the deficiencies in athleticism show up the most. It is very difficult for LB's and DB's to be in the right place at the right time to make tackles and cover receivers if they are severely out-athleted. You can scheme and coach to score points. You have to have some dudes to stop people.
  10. Very true. It will be interesting to see which way Elkhart goes. Seems there is not a huge commitment to success in football in Elkhart. Coach Goode is a heck of a coach and always has his teams ready to play, regardless of the circumstances.
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