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  1. Did they have a guy and he back out? Job is posted on THSCA. Also posted are multiple assistant jobs and Head Baseball job.
  2. He is most definitely qualified and capable. I think he will do as well or better than anyone in Cumby.
  3. Interesting, losing Mr. Texas Football and his 16 classmates has to hurt a little. But, I guess Garrison lost a lot too. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.
  4. Very true and understandable. However, if someone is a leader and has the ability to run an overall athletic program then they should get the chance.
  5. Garrison has to be odds on favorite to win the District, right?
  6. It always amazes me that smaller schools are more hesitant to hire AD/HFC with no experience than bigger schools are. You see larger schools take chances on Coordinators regularly.
  7. Preface, I do not know Coach Ramsey and in no way am I indicting his character, work ethic or integrity. I will go out on a limb here and say that he must be a great interviewer. The only way you get that many chances is to be able to sell ice to Eskimos. Now as for staying power, there is not a positive indicator that says that this will be anything more than a 1 or 2 year gig for him. But, I have been mistaken before. Good luck to Coach Ramsey and to Colmesneil.
  8. You are probably right, prior actions are not indicative of future decisions.
  9. Well...... He's actually coming in from no where cause.......
  10. These are the ones that really cause me to question the intelligence of some people. Change for the sake of change or Change because some influential individuals have an agenda Are two of the WORST reasons to force a Head Coach of any sport out of town. Be careful what you ask for, because what you get may not be.......
  11. It is not easy and Administration is very important in the decision. IMHO, the key is to find that guy that can come in and establish the culture and win enough to keep the natives happy on a yearly basis. Then on those occasions when there is a good crop of Athletes make the most of it with a decent run in the playoffs in multiple sports to keep the wolves at bay. While playing Russian roulette politics with some community members with unrealistic expectations, the chosen one must also hire a young coach or two with the idea that they are going to mentor them in a way that prepares them to take over when he leaves. It is much easier for an AD/HFC to hire his own replacement than it is for non sports focused Admin.
  12. Not blaming anyone. I do not know ANYTHING about this situation. Just speaking in generalities about what "usually" happens in these situations.
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