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  1. * San Augustine (1-3) @ ALTO (1-1)* Bremond (1-3) CENTERVILLE (3-1)* GRAPELAND (2-2) @ Burkeville (3-0)* Groveton (0-3) @ GARRISON (1-2)* LEON (2-2) @ Cayuga (0-4)* GROESBECK (3-1) @ Normangee (2-2)
  2. 42-7 final. Good win for the jackets. Good luck to Winona the rest of the season.
  3. Good win to maybe build on for the bulldogs of garrison. I expected them to pull this one out. Crockett is building a new culture from what I hear over there. Kind of down this year.
  4. Rough week for the district overall. 2-4 with Centerville having to survive in OT. Normangee seems to have fell apart the past two weeks. Leon - not sure there. Groveton, this was kind of expected but I thought may put up a fight. Grapeland, we’ll even though I picked them to win I wasn’t really super surprised. Alto looks like may have put together a game and have some momentum going into next week against San Augustine.
  5. Kirbyville 21-14 over Grapeland as of last update Shelbyville over Groveton 32-13 in the 4th BE over Leon 14-12 final Centerville over Westwood 20-17 in the 4th Alto over Winona 42-0 in the 3rd
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