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  1. So here we are at the last game of the season. Been a weird one to say the least. Groveton comes in with a chance to make the playoffs with a win and a Leon loss. Alto coming in with its worst year since ‘77. Both teams were expecting more this season then what it has brought but that will be out the window I am sure. Both of these programs have a history that many programs would love to have. They have met in district, playoffs, and preseason games. Growing up one game that was never missed in Alto was any game with Groveton. Being Alto’s biggest rival and almost always a dog fight.
  2. Franklin should have a good run in the playoffs and I believe buffalo will too. That Qb is very good especially in the division he’s in and will help carry them pretty deep. This region has some pretty good ball clubs at this level and it will be a tough region to get out of no doubt. Oh man I didn’t realize y’all were in region 4. It is still a tough region but I was thinking newton. Pity and EB will be tough though.
  3. Should be a great game. Congrats to both of these teams this year. May even be playing the 1st of 2 this year. I have seen timpson once this year be it wasn’t much of a game. Haven’t seen the Rams. Off of looking at everything and knowing the way Joaquin plays I’ll take the Rams in a tight ball game. Best of luck to both teams and my they come out healthy in this one.
  4. Me too. Definitely have talent but there is a lot of teams with talent. Watched the Alto game and even though they were clearly the better team they didn’t seem really motivated.
  5. Newton should win this one. Hemphill has put together a pretty decent season but I think newton is still too much.
  6. Congrats to garrison on getting the win. Tough loss for the wolves. Not sure how the district is shaping out but it has been a great one this year.
  7. So here’s the seeding run down. Normangee with a win gets #1 or #2 with a loss. Centerville can get the #1 seed with a win, #2 seed with a loss and Leon loss or the #3 seed with a loss and a Leon win. Grapeland gets the #3 seed with a win or #4 with a loss. Leon with a win gets the #3 seed or #2 seed with a win and a Centerville loss. If they lose and Groveton loses they get the #4 spot. If they lose and Groveton wins they are eliminated. Groveton can get the #4 seed with a win and Leon loss. Alto can spoil their rivals chances of getting
  8. So this one still has a lot left before you can get the spots in order. Diboll has a bye and only has Coldspring left. Has clinched a playoff berth. Can’t fall further then 2nd. Will clinch district championship with a Coldspring loss next week or win vs them the next. Coldspring has Crockett and Diboll left. Could still miss the playoffs but should make it in. Could also share district championship and would get the #1 seed if they win out. Clinched a playoff spot with a win. Holds head to head over Trinity and Westwood. Crockett has Coldspring and Trinity left
  9. Diboll 28- CKT 7 Coldspring 35 - Westwood 31 Trinity 43 - Elkhart 18 Diboll (5-3) (5-0) Coldspring (6-2) (3-1) Crockett (5-3) (3-1) Trinity (4-4) (2–2) Westwood (3-5) (1-3) Huntington (3-4)(1-3) Elkhart (0-8) (0-5)
  10. Groveton over Leon 22-14 Normangee over Alto 35-22 Centerville over Grapeland 38-34 Alto is officially eliminated from the playoffs. Groveton needs to win vs Alto next week and Grapeland to beat Leon to advance. Centerville clinches a spot and Normangee will play Centerville next week to decide district champ. Grapeland is in. They hold the head to head over Groveton. So even if they lose to Leon they are in. Leon must win or have Groveton lose to get in.
  11. Should be a great ball game. I think franklin wins but Buffalo makes it really interesting. Buffalo’s Qb is really solid from the tape I’ve seen on him.
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