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  1. Let's go Wildcats! So ready for some Friday night lights.
  2. Do they have athletes year in an year out? Got alot of golf dad's in that area probably. Lol Pearson is a good hire for waskom. Love the enthusiastic character he brings.
  3. Welp.. with so much change idk where I would put us yet..
  4. Rumors in waskom never get old! That man is retired an enjoying life in the big city..
  5. I believe jv 8th an 7th was undefeated this year? 7th might have lost 1 game can't remember
  6. Lmao!! I'm a little sad.. I have a son in Jr high I wanted his group to play under him. Guess we'll see what happens next few years
  7. I definitely appreciate the great ride we have had! Thank you sir for what you an ur team of coaches has done for us! We have great talent coming up hope the next guy will know how to use them like Keeling an company has!
  8. Whats so funny? You " think " also I'm sure
  9. Just " I thinks ' nobody really knows huh?
  10. Just facts.. him an crew left for a reason.. no matter what it was we failed to meet his standards. An we will probably hire someone with less standards.. we generally have athletes all around but if u don't have the correct guy it ain't going to work seen it for years before Keeling came.. alot of wasted talent..
  11. I'm drunk ab reading yalls chat is stressful lol.. I need another beer
  12. Well we both looking for coaches lol. Hope yall ef folks doing alright
  13. Maybe SA will play us.. lol yall got a good bunch coming man.. us waskom folks are going to hurt for awhile.. we knew it was coming thought it would been just a tad bit longer tho
  14. What do those jobs usually pay at a 3a level? Yall will probably be 2a in 2 years.. thi k I was told yalls opening is 80k
  15. Bless ur heart man!! Franklin is going roll Gunter up.. probably look like the waskom DF score
  16. The combine score of these teams last year wasn't 30 lol. I just see another low scoring game whoever has the last drive will probably win. I do believe whoever wins will roll Gunter by 30 tho.
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