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  1. Franklin rolls!! Good luck hope yall have injury free game.
  2. I won't be whining!! An we won't bother to say anything about a freshman qb.. yall do know we had freshman QB last year right? He turning out to be great.. I don't believe he played against yall last year tho.. safe travels to everyone.. let's hope for a respectful an injury free game. One of us has to take it all the way!!
  3. Boooooooo lol.. well see what happens.. with all the stuff yall talk it would be so embarrassing to not win against us ..if yall do win hope yall go all the way I'll be there to watch
  4. I go every year anyway.. it most definitely won't be df.. the hotel next to at&t is nice btw.. I'll buy yall a beer on the 16th after the games! Gunter I don't believe is on our level or franklins.. they are winning big but weather they play us or Franklin it will look like they don't belong that far.. better state championship game could be our game tomorrow lol
  5. After waskom wins everyone on smaoky is going say they was short 6 players.. then the news is going to say 9.. then the head coach us going say 12.. then it's waskom playing with shreveport kids.. an our coach us a soccer coach.. an we got beat by timpson lol.. yall notice uts just DF bragging up the game with all the d1 players an secret weapons.. yall are so funny.. I thinkbwe know what we got annthats why we don't talk much about ut.. DF is trying to prove a little more imo.. on the state games has anyone bought tickets yet? Last year they made me buy like 6 seats bc of covid. Is that all gone now?
  6. I'm trying to remember my name an password from 2006 . After them 1-9 seasons I didn't log in for awhile lmao
  7. WE DONT HAVE TO PASS THE BALL lol.. we are going to run the middle for a few yards then burn u outside ..
  8. I believe it's 3 games. Waskom is 2 to yalls 1. But I was just saying respect ur opponents a little better. Saying ur going beat us by 4tds is a little excessive.. especially when it was 28-27 last year.. alot of defense both ways ..
  9. Yall having a freshman qb starting this late in playoffs is great experience for him. Can't ask for better experience as a young qb an play against a defensive like ours.
  10. He's a favorite.. but yall didn't get to see another solid runner last year he was out an he gets the ball more then #7.. yall will be in for a treat..
  11. Trust me .. df been on every waskom thread since week 1 talking crap.. an I don't believe yall are the same caliper team we are. Yall are winning an doing great no doubt. Might want to be a little more humble an respect a team that has beat yall an can beat yall.. yalls track stars ain't much faster then our track stars.. we have our starting qb this year.. yall might be looking really confused how the game is going to turn out. Yall are down a great asset to yalls team both ways.. some say he will help some say he won't help.. waskom is probably going to roll yall up an carry on.. I respect DF but man yall are crazy fan base.. anyway I'm drinking beer cheer bros!!
  12. Hope shiner pushes through!! Would love to see them play in state again
  13. Yall DF guys are a trip.. yall just say the same thing over an over an over an over an over an I an over. Waskom don't have to pass the ball to win.. we run the ball well an it has won us state championship s.. we have a qb that can pass its not something we do tho.. yall won't stop the run game .. an ur score prediction s are way off if yall think u will score 40+ on us.. yall will be out coached an out played an then yall will talk more crap about how yall lost to shreveport kids .. an then hate on a coach that's from a soccer background but has kicked alot of azz in football.. I won't be able to make the game which is a drag but I'll be sure to stick around win or lose. Hope yall keep it classy yall have a good group ..
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