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  1. Huntington big girl was nightmare mismatch for Fairfield. FF missed a lot of those shots because of her presence in the middle. I really think if the two teams played again that FF would win but Huntington won on that particular night and deserved to win. IMO FF was the best overall team in the Region but the best team doesn’t always win or advance.
  2. Mart doesn’t give a rats booty where they are put and will play just about anybody from 3A down.
  3. Haven’t seen the District schedule yet
  4. Teague has : New Waverly Tolar Ferris Mexia Bullard along with Diboll, Crockett , Huntington, Fairfield and Westwood
  5. Diboll Crockett Fairfield Huntington Palestine Westwood Teague How will this one shake out, lots of travel.
  6. Obviously the UIL doesn’t care. Teague and Fairfield have 2 hour drives to Diboll and Huntington. Groebeck and Mexia are about 20-30 minutes from us and they sent them west.
  7. Well will they keep this district together or what. We know Kemp is out. Thoughts ?
  8. Fairfield is getting better each game. I’m curious who is going to challenge them in the region. Lorena, ???
  9. What kind of jobs are around the area or are these homes directed at retirees ?
  10. It doesn’t matter who the person is, who his parents are or where they are from. Spitting on someone is one of the most despicable thing a person can do to anyone. I was at the game but I didn’t see the incident until the guys I was with started talking about on the way home. Goggle spitting on a person in Texas !!
  11. Franklin has had a great 4 year run. I personally think Coach D called a very conservative game. Franklin had no answer for the Tigers passing game if he had wanted to use it more. Hogg was open all night. IMO Brock would have beat Franklin as well.
  12. Should schedule a non district game between the two.
  13. Those battles between Yoe,Teague, Malakoff, Grandview and Franklin were epic no doubt. When Franklin turned the program over to Coach Fannin, he took them to another level. To me the key to this game will be can Malakoff D stay disciplined and play assignment football. There is no doubt about their athleticism and speed but ….. Again turnovers will be a key as well but to me the key matchup is Franklin O vs Malakoff D.
  14. Black/ Gold Tiger , Koff 11, MHS 77 and the rest : Good luck tonight. I too think this may be the best overall team in the Driskell era. I told Coach after the Teague game as I was impressed with the overall team speed from top to bottom. Brock has the size to matchup with y’all but I agree with Allintheheart, that y’all pull away and play Franklin for all the marbles.
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