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  1. They need to just drop the program. They don't win when they have a team anyway.
  2. How many times have they dropped in the last few years? Seems like they have cancelled more seasons than they have finished....
  3. Yeah Carlisle must be pretty decent if you think you guys will only score in the fifties!
  4. What is wrong with them, is they are an average 2A football team who have played an above average 3A team and an average 3A team. Missing a game due to COVID certainly didn't help. The Bulldogs very well could go 1-7 this year (sorry Groveton, looking at you).
  5. Colmesneil Evadale Normangee Burkeville Big Sandy Tenaha Beckville Hull-D Who cares Not Apple Springs Oakwood
  6. I agree, Carlisle always makes it a ball game.
  7. What is there to talk about? We all agree.......QC is bad. Everyone really is saying the same thing.
  8. I agree. I think the Dragons hang on for a little bit. Waskom will ultimately pull away though.
  9. 45-0.............. Can't wait for that Timpson vs Garrison thread already
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